Great Customer Service

Posted by Jennifer on 4/6/2013 to Testimonials
That's awesome! Thank you so much for the great customer support... Jennifer



Tim Bible
Date: 3/17/2014
As a retired Chief of Police and just opening up a Bail Bond Company, I needed an intermediate weapon. Being familiar with Taser and already certified, that was my 1st choice. I was researching Taser and the cost when I came across the Phazzer. The actual cost of the Phazzer and warranty immediately caught my attention. I called the company and the customer service was outstanding. They not only had me convinced to try the Phazzer, they worked out a suitable price I could afford. I ordered the, 1-EBLK-00 Phazzer EnforcerĀ® complete set black Without data port. I can honestly say I'm very impressed. Not only myself but several of my LEO buddies love the way the Phazzer feels in your hand verses the X-26 Taser. I have played with the Phazzer for well over a month now and they have my business. When my company grows, I'll be purchasing another. Thank you Phazzer.

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