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The PhaZZer®  Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) is a less lethal, Law Enforcement Grade weapon that is highly versatile, allowing the user a variety of ammunition options. It utilizes electrical currents to neutralize and disable an attackers voluntary muscle control. The current is transferred from 15' to 25' by a pair insulated wires attached to 2 dart projectiles that are deployed from the cartridge using a nitrogen propulsion system. This unit will drop an attacker in seconds without causing permanent damage or side effects. It is not classified as a firearm by the ATF and thus does not require federal registration.**Standalone Kits Include ONLY:  Battery, Charger, User Manual and Warranty Card**

Product Specs:

Safety Shut-Down Circuit Technology:

Only 5 sec of electric charge deployments will be deployed each time the trigger is pulled. Additional two sets, 5 sec each set, of electric pulse deployments are available each time the trigger is pulled, total of 15 sec.

If the officer will choose to deploy additional 5 sec electric charge, the unit should be turned off and on for another 3 sets of electric charge deployments.

 Lithium Ion Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery.

Red Laser(650nm) Sight.

Right- or left-hand operation LED Flashlight 160 Lumen. 

Electrical charge can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing, Pulse Rate: 25 (PPS) pulses per second, Pulse Duration: 120 Microseconds, Peak Voltage: ~ 60,000V Loaded Voltage 1,100 to 4,600V across body nominally. Current: 25mA

Dimensions (w/o Cartridge) 15cm (L) x 9cm (H) x 3cm (W) Note.

All Outputs Are +20% depending on variables

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